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CPE1 Garden - By Donnie

Spring has sprung in the CPE courtyard garden! Flowers, from bulbs the kids planted last fall, are blooming: daffodils, tulips, iris, and more.

Classes have begun planting early greens. Two classes (Catlin/Sarah and Marilyn) started seedlings indoors over a month ago and transplanted them into their garden beds these last two weeks. They planted: kale (an all around favorite), bok choi, tat soi, mizuna (Japanese) spinach, and various lettuces. They and other classes have direct seeded early greens and other plants into their beds these last two weeks as well. Beds now include: radishes, carrots, lettuce varieties, kale, sugar snap peas, beans, more bok choi and tat soi and mizuna.

I moved the large bushes that were in the vegetable beds. A few into the ground bed in the courtyard, and the rest into the beds on 106th St. Take a look. The front of the school looks better already.

With really warmer weather (beginning of May) we'll plant our summer veggies: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, CORN!, basil, and more. We'd love some help with watering. We need a good supply of bamboo stakes. Please remind your children, that tasting/eating is done by the children in the classrooms that have done the planting.

Happy Spring!


The Funding Factory

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